How To Start A Retail Business

To start a shop you just need a business plan, having a business plan provides you with a definite path to follow. First of all, you need to decide the type of shop you want to open, whether it could be related to clothing, food or any other products, etc.  There are two possibilities, either […]

Difference Between Trademark, Patent, Copyright

Innovations came in existence out of necessities, requirements, passion, etc. We all are living in a world which runs over innovations, so these innovations have to face threat and to protect them we have Intellectual Property rights. Intellectual property consists of intangible creations like artistic works which may include music, writing, scientific & non-scientific discoveries, […]

Economic aspects and impact of COVID-19 on IPR

COVID-19 pandemic has affected throughout the world. Various industries are trying hard to overcome this economic turmoil. Everyone is suffering through this, which may include continent, country, province, state and individual. However, this pandemic has also affected the protection of intellectual property rights i.e. both existing and in the process of getting protection.  In general, […]