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Organic is a certification mark which is issues for the producers of organic, agriculture products. Many countries have their organic marks.

India Organic is a process of certification for the manufacturers of organic food and other organic agricultural products which are farmed in India. The mark of India Organic specifies that a particular food product has been tested and conformed  to National Standards for Organic Products, which was established in 2002. These standards make sure that all the organic farmed products grows without using chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc. This scheme is existing since, 2002.

India Organic is  certified by an agency named, Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) under National Program for Organic Production of Indian Government.

Logo of India Organic shows the essence of nature. The logo consists of four colours and it synthesizes all elements of environment in a beautiful way.


  • After getting Certification mark, products will get sold at premium prices.

  • Organic Farming improves quality of water, helps in conservation of Energy, increases biodiversity and also contributes for betterment of soil.

  • Organic products gets success in market place.

  • Certified organic assists in accessing fast-growing local markets, regional markets and international markets as well.

  • Certified organic helps producers in the form of accessing additional funding and may be some technical assistance.

  • Certified India Organic also supports local economy.


In organic certification, land is not certified but the products are being certified. Organic certification process is completed by accredited bodied which are established under National Standards for Organic Products

Step 1 : receipt of application  is provided by Accredited organic certification

Step 2 : body of certification gives some standards and documents to farmers

Step 3 : an agreement has been made which specifies the roles and commitments between the farmers and accredited body

Step 4 : fees must be submitted to accredited body

Step 5 : auditing of the documents must be done

Step 6 : one of the most important step of certification if felid inspection. Field inspection to be done on regular basis by External Inspector and internal quality system manager. Documentation of the same must be done.

Step 7 : compliance verification can be done by auditing and inspections.

Step 8 : reports must be prepared by field inspector

Step 9 : the report made must be reviewed by the reviewing body

Step 10 : decisions are to be taken by the body, whether to grant the certificate or not ?

Step 11 : if satisfied with the application, Organic certificate is issued. But it is valid for the period of three years only. It must be renewed after the expiry of three years. 


In general, a shop can be registered under different entities such as business group, Start up, MSME and Shop Act. Every registration has certain benefits.

Advantages of registration under Act :

Legal entity Proof : if we Register a shop in India, under Shop and Establishment Act  then we get a license under provisions of Shop Act. It gives the right to do business in that particular area.

Bank account : every shop and establishment are required to open a separate bank account which particularly handles business only. After getting license it is easy to open a bank account.

Inspection : some local municipality or State Government conduct regular inspections in decided span of time. If one has license under the Act, then he may get over inspections easily.

Government benefits : every state forms some policies to help the people who runs small business. So, if a particular person has license then he may avail benefits provided by State Government.


Cost of getting Organic certificate label varies from 10,000 to 60,000. It depends upon application fees, type of product, production size and the type of accredited body.

How India Organic is different from USDA ?

The label of USDA is used for verification of organic product in terms of organic standards where it is certifies that the particular product is verified by accredited agent of USDA and can be labelled as USDA organic. India Organic  is a mark which is given to organic products that makes sure that the product has grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, induced hormones.

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