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PUC, Pollution Under Control Certificate is a certification that has been provided to a particular vehicle after passing the PUC Test. If any vehicle receives this certificate, that means vehicle is under control and according with the pollution terms (As per the terms of air pollution).

PUC Certification has been granted following the provisions specified by Central Motor Vehicle Rule 1989.  An owner of a vehicle must have some documents which include a driving license, insurance and a PUC Certificate. According to Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 covering insurance is mandatory and according to Central Motor Vehicles Rule, 1989 obtaining a PUC Certificate is mandatory for a vehicle as per Rule 115.

All the vehicles on road are under obligation to carry a PUC Certificate. There are Pollution testing centres across all cities who issues PUC Certificate. This Certificate must be obtained just after the purchase of a new vehicle. It has a validity period of 1 year and it needs to be renewed again after passing the test from centres. After the period of one year test must be conducted in every six months. The PUC testing centres inform RTO about the test results of  vehicle pollution along with their registration number if vehicle emissions found dangerous.


A person who is not carrying a valid PUC Certificate is liable under Sec. 190(2) for prosecution under Motor Vehicles Act. First time the penalty for this offence is INR 1000 and second time penalty increases to INR 2000.

Form where we can obtain PUC Certificate ?

  1. PUC test has been carried out at petrol pumps mostly, which are authorized for the same.

  2. There are certain PUC testing centres  which has the permission to conduct these tests and issue certificates for the same.

  3. A licensed auto emission centre have the facility to check the pollution level of vehicle and hence, issue the PUC Certificate.


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Need for PUC Certificate:

Pollution which has spread from the vehicles can affect the health of people adversely and it also have an adverse impact on environment. When everywhere pollution is increasing, then every single person should pay on their behalf. As, by obtaining PUC Certificate every vehicle owner is assisting in curbing pollution.

PUC Test Procedure:

For diesel vehicles : accelerator is fully pressed and readings are to be taken of pollution level. This process is repeated for 5 times and then average readings are the results.

For petrol vehicles : car is kept idling without pressing accelerator. One reading is the final results.


PUC Certificate does not cost much, it depends on the type of vehicle one have. It varies from INR. 60 and INR. 100.

Content of PUC Certificate:

PUC Certificate consists of serial number of Certificate, date of PUC test passed and expiration as well. Readings of PUC test and license plat number of vehicle. 

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