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Greenguard Certification

The GREENGUARD Certification Program, UL Environment (previously known as GREENGUAR Indoor Air Quality Certification) guarantee that products designed for use in indoor spaces meet strict chemical emissions limits, which contribute to the creation of healthy environment inside the walls.

The Greenguard certification is one of the three certification provided by the Greenguard Environmental Institute, or GEI, is an industry-independent, third-party, non-profit organization. The Greenguard certification widely accepted worldwide with respect air quality sciences.

Procedure for Greenguard Certification

The Greenguard Certification process works diligently with the manufacturer and develops a specialized certification regime as per the features of their products in order to consider the exclusivity of their product. Once a manufacturer applies for this certification, UL will develop an certification plan and will design compliance tests. The process of certification will take around three months.

Benefits of Greenguard Certification:

  • Healthy indoor environment

  • Reduction in chemical emission

  • Protection of environment

  • Indication of Commitment for better and green future

  • Sustainable development

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