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IGBC Certification

Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) Green Homes under the flagship of CII (Council of Indian Industry) is the first of its kind rating programme developed in India, solely for the residential sector. Basically, green buildings are that construction which makes efficient use of natural resources.

Green building rating or certification systems broaden the focus beyond the product to consider the project as a whole. Rating systems are a type of building certification system that rates or rewards relative levels of compliance or performance with specific environmental goals and requirements.

Elements of Green Building Design

  • Material for Green Building

  • Energy system in Green Building

  • Water Management

  • Health Components

Benefits of Green Building Certification:

  • Water Savings

  • Good Air quality

  • Health & wellbeing of the occupants

  • Conservation of Natural resources

  • Edge over others building due to eco-friendly factor

  • Commitment towards sustainable development

Rating pattern of IGCB Certification:

Certification Level



Good Practices


Best Practicea


Outstanding Performance


National Excellence

Super Platinum

Global Leadership

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