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GeM (Government e Marketplace)

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GeM (Government e Marketplace)

Government E Marketplace is a e-commerce portal, run by Government. The  objectives are to facilitate and ease online purchasing of Consumer goods & services. GeM was initiated by Government under  Allocation of Business Rules, 1961.  The main focus of GeM is to assure transparency, increase efficiency in procurement of products.

GeM registration empowers the small traders, manufacturers of goods, service providers to enter a online platform which is wide and interactive. And here, they can sell their products and services as well to buyers from Government Departments, PSUs and Organizations.

Public Procurement

It is also known as Government tenders. It means a process by which State & Central Government buys goods & avails services from private manufacturers. It needs to follow strict procedures to have assurance about the purchase is fair, efficient, transparent and decrease on-site public resources.

Advantages in terms of sellers on registration:

  • Expands the trade

  • Purchase by direct Government

  • Start-ups gets more benefit, as they have unique and innovative product

  • Less and easy paperwork in getting registration

  • Transparency, efficiency and speed

Advantages in terms of buyers on registration:

  • Buy online through GeM portal

  • Transparency, efficiency and speed

  • Demand aggregation, it helps in exploring and comparing buyers based on price, product, etc.

  • Users does not need approval again and again for placing an order on GeM portal.

Registration process:

  1. Fix a competent authority to nominate officials as primary and secondary users as per the format.

  2. Primary users are needed to fill all the details required for registration on GeM portal. User Id and password has been created for the ease of applicant

  3. Details filled by Primary user are verified through link, which has sent to applicant by his concerned official.

  4. Primary user must login through user Id and password.

  5. Primary user has to submit details of organization and verification officer as well in prescribed format.

  6. Primary users are left with one more task of creation of secondary users as nominated person.

After all these, organization has been registered with GeM.

Buyer Registration process:

Only some authorized representatives  of Government departments, can purchase products via portal. Authorized officers can further, authorise others i.e. their department officers to purchase on this portal. There are certain requirements to be fulfilled to being a government officer registered buyer :

  • Aadhar Number

  • Mobile Number & official e-mail id

  • Authorisation of competent authority of department

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