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Society Registration

A society means a group of several individuals associated using a mutual presence to intend, govern and to take actions in a collaborate way for some communal purpose. Generally, societies are registered to invest in charitable activities. Societies are registered under The Society Registration Act, 1860. This Act was introduced for the purpose of increasing the legal pre requisites of registration of society for the plentiful purposes. Many of the State Government has accepted the Society Registration Act without any further amendment.

In a society there is at least 7 members and there is no limit for maximum number of members. Just like partnership firm registration of society is not mandatory. But there are certain things which can only be done registered society as, for allocating properties and to sue or being sued. State Governments govern society registration.

As per provisions under Section 20 of The Society Registration Act, 1860 and it can be for some purposes as

  • To promote fine arts

  • Dissemination of political education

  • Helping in charitable activities

  • To promote science and literature as well

  • Create some funds for military orphan

  • Maintain reading rooms or libraries, galleries or public museums

  • Spread useful knowledge

  • Social welfare and development


  • A society is a separate legal entity after getting registered.
  • A society after incorporation has many rights such as, right to lease, buy, rent or sell the property. It can enter into any contract on its own registered name.
  • A registered society keeps running even after the changes in membership because it is a separate entity and does not depend on personal asset of any individual.
  • A registered society may gets exempted from income tax. As per Section 12 A, 80G of the Act.
  • Members cannot be held liable personally for any activities of society.


Step 1 : application for registration must be made to specific authority of state, where registered office of society is situated.

Step 2 : select a name for society as per the provisions of Emblem & Names Act, 1950.

Step 3 : submit covering letter which must have signature of all the members of society

Step 4 : submit duplicate and certified copy as well of Memorandum of association

Step 5 : submit address proof of registered office and NOC which must be issued by landlord

Step 6 : affidavit asserted by president or secretary of society which declares the relationship with subscribers

Step 7 : after getting all these documents along with prescribed fees in two copies, registrar will sign one copy as acknowledgement and return the second one for approval.

Step 8 : Issuance of Incorporation certificate has been done by registrar, by providing a registration numberĀ 

Step 9 : all the rules & regulation with signature along with Memorandum must be filed before registrar of state or concerned society with prescribed fees. If registrar is satisfied with application then, he will issue registration certificate of society.

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